The millennial generation came of age during the most difficult economical time in recent history. This had undoubtedly shaped and influenced the way that they spend their money, which in turn has impacted the way that marketers approach this major demographic. Millennials have buying power, make no mistake about that, but in order to get them to spend their hard earned money, marketers have had to take a different approach. Here are 3 tips for successfully marketing to millennials:

Social media is essential

One of the most important things that anyone knowledgeable about small business marketing will tell you is that you must be utilizing social media. While it’s a huge platform for buyers of all ages, millennials in particular are using social media in large numbers. Businesses have to maintain relevant, updated profiles on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. It isn’t enough to simply be on those sites, however, because millennials expect communication and interaction.

Technology has been advancing rapidly, and millennials have essentially grown up on the Internet. They are always plugged in and connected via their smartphones, laptops and other mobile devices. If you aren’t connecting with them online, you can expect to be completely overlooked and left behind.

Acknowledge and embrace diversity

Millennials are a diverse group, generally considered to be ranging in age from 18 to 34. They come from many different cultures and backgrounds, and you simply can’t fit them into a nice, neat little box. They are a generations that is truly embracing diversity, and they expect the businesses and companies that they support to do the same.

As a generation that has been facing a vastly different economic landscape than the ones that their parents once experienced at the same age, they’re more particular with how they earn and spend their money. In general, they aren’t following the typical trajectory of starting their careers and settling down. Millennials are forging their own path and shaping the new normal for adulthood.

Demonstrate social awareness

Social causes are extremely important to the millennial generation. They expect the businesses that they support to demonstrate a certain level of responsibility, and they want to support those that share views which are in line with their own. A small business can earn trust and support from millennials by being genuine in their support of certain business practices.

This is a generation that wants to believe that they’re making a positive impact, as they are all too aware of how fragile and unstable things can be. In many ways, they have been dealt a tough hand as they enter adulthood, and they want to be more responsible and aware as a result. Small business marketing should involve some level of awareness of important social causes in order to earn the attention of millennials.

Marketing to millennials often means taking a more personal approach to your target audience. Aim to make a connection, and harness the power of social media. By being engaging and available, you’ll have a much easier time marketing successfully to this influential generation.