So there is some really exciting information surfacing across the news channels about many social media outlets and their futures. While some of the news is not so exciting, especially for Facebook in particular, the other news is exciting! I am, unfortunately, ADDICTED to Pinterest. I have the hardest time putting my phone down when I’m scrolling through the app, and an even harder time when I’m on my laptop at home checking things out. There is so much useful information out there, it’s crazy!!

But in other (more important) news, Pinterest is getting a facelift! The company is now integrating GIFs into the new feeds, so that there will be a “play” button in the bottom left corner of the pin so you will be able to play the GIF directly in the Pinterest App! Talk about an upgrade- now I’ll NEVER get off of Pinterest.

Small Business Social Media Marketing

Vine is another great app for sharing original video content to your peers. The app is now turning one year old, and they’re celebrating at “A Year at Vine”. They’ve compiled the best, and most funny clips of the year and posted them on this website. Good luck not wasting time on that website too, by the way. Once you watch one funny video, you just can’t stop yourself from watching more! And who would want to anyways, everyone deserves a good laugh here and there! Just try not to take up your whole work day doing so….

Now, for a sour note… It is predicted that Facebook will lose 80% of its dedicated users by 2017. EIGHTY PERCENT! That number is ridiculous, especially considering the fact that the company recently went public! Talk about a bummer for Mark Zuckerburg, and Co. So what will we do now that we know (for the most part) the future of social media marketing on Facebook? We find other outlets for our content- in the future, of course. As of the present, Facebook is still being used by a large number of people all over the world, and it is still a very viable resource for marketing for small businesses, especially for local marketing.

However, don’t get too complacent, you will need to make changes in the future to compensate for the loss of Facebook users. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Vine are some great alternatives for small businesses looking to expand their social media marketing. It may take some time to learn these new outlets, but that’s how it is with anything new. Take the time to experiment with these outlets, and see how they work for your company! You don’t want to lose 80% of your fans because you took too long to learn the newest, more popular social media outlets!! – No one does!