This weekend, the Color the Runway Fashion Show, hosted at The Foundry Suites in Buffalo on Elmwood, rocked the local Buffalo fashion scene, and raised money for cancer research at Roswell Park.  The event featured many fashion designers and local boutiques, all of which play a huge part in the success of the event. All of the ladies and gentlemen in the show were absolutely stunning, and rocked it all the way down the runway.


Color the runway fashion show

Hut Marketing was hanging with the Queen of Diamonds crew for the day, helping the ladies get ready and perfect their poses for at the end of the catwalk. And, who better to suggest poses, than the biggest nerd ever (*raises hand*).

All of the diamonds with QOD were absolutely fantastic. Each pitching in where they could, and stepping up to the plate to make sure the event went smoothly for Rachel, the designer, and my close friend.  These ladies are the most genuine, loving group of ladies I’ve ever spent time with, and I will be sad to see a handful of them go, as a few are moving out of state very soon.


Color the Runway was organized by the lovely Zandalee Delgado, and Sharlee Rodriguez, both of which lost their grandparents to cancer recently. Their loss motivated them to make a difference, and raise money for a great cause to hopefully prevent others from suffering through the same pain of losing a loved one to cancer. The strength it takes to pull yourself out of that pain, and use that energy instead towards a greater good, only speaks volumes to the character of these ladies.

I am so very thankful for the opportunity to work with all of the beautiful people I met this weekend, and I look forward to next year’s event, and many more beyond that.

Much Love,