You carefully curate your Instagram feed to feature only the best photos you can find that perfectly represents your brand, but you’re not getting any followers, likes, or mentions.

Frustrating right?
I know.

So here’s one simple solution for your issue…

Add Your Instagram Feed To Your Website!


It’s so crazy simple, I’ll have you asking why you didn’t think of that first.

So here are the instructions on doing this yourself.

[[Since I build in WordPress, this tutorial is for installing your Instagram feed into WordPress, but if you check these links out, you’ll find similar solutions on other platforms.:


Lets Get Started, Shall We?

First you’ll need to install and activate the Instagram Feed plugin on your website.


Once activated, head over to the plugin’s settings page.
Click the “Log in and get my access token and User ID” button.


This will take you to Instagram, and it will prompt you to log in if you aren’t already. Once logged in, click on “Authorize”.

The plugin will automatically pull in your Access Token and User ID from Instagram to your website. – As the instructions on the screen will state, copy and paste the provided information into the respective areas.

Scroll down, and hit “Save Changes” to make sure your changes thus far are saved.

You can then navigate to Customize (in the top bar on the page), where you can choose how your feed will display on your website.
Let’s say you want you feed near the bottom of your home page, and you want it to take up the full width of your screen, but you want to keep it rather short… You’ll set your “Width” to 100%, your Height can range anywhere from 100px and up, depending on how tall you want your feed to be on your site.

Select your background color, and how you want your photos sorted. Choose how many photos you want to display, and how many columns they should fit into. You can adjust the padding to suit your tastes.
I don’t like a lot of white space between my photos, so I set the padding to zero to show you what it looks like…
Scroll through the other options below, and adjust the settings to fit your brand.

Make sure to hit save before leaving the page!

Next, go to “Display” in the top bar. This will give you the shortcode you need to display your Instagram feed.
Copy the shortcode, which will look like this:

…and navigate to the page you want to show off your feed on.

We’re pasting ours into our homepage, so we’re going to head to the edit screen of our “HOME” page, and drop the code in there near the bottom of the page.
Hit “Save”, and then check out your new Instagram feed on your page!

THAT’S IT! You’re done!

Ours is on our home page, but you can also view it here:

You can paste your shortcode in pages, posts, widgets, or pretty much anywhere else you could need your Instagram feed!

Have fun, and if you have any questions about the process please let me know!
I’ll be happy to help you!

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