Does your phone ring off the hook, never allowing you to get work done on time? Do you wish you had employees who would work for free JUST to deal with customers?
Often times your customers are simply just looking for information! Hours, services, and samples of your work are a common inquiry among customers of small businesses.
why does my business need a website

In many instances business owners simply overlook the usefulness of a website, discounting it to be just another useless marketing strategy. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth these days!
With younger generations moving up in the world, becoming more mobile, and definitely using their mobile devices, you will absolutely want to be online even if it’s just to simply list your information that would otherwise cause you to answer another phone call. Making yourself available to those who are looking for you online can help not only increase your income by bringing people into your business, but also increase your brand awareness among those people searching online. In fact 79% of online shoppers spend at least 50% of their shopping time researching products.
There are some interesting statistics out there about web searches performed prior to doing business with a certain company. Make sure you are in the eyes of your customers with a professional website.
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