So it has come to be that time of the year again when everyone wants to make a grand resolution about becoming superman or superwoman.  While that is a great resolution for some, most don’t have the guidelines laid out to get themselves there.  For some, like myself, I like to make smaller, more manageable resolutions, while still maintaining the same level of discipline.

Hut Marketing and Design - Happy New Years!

My resolution for this year is to maintain a constant stream of contact with clients by improving my organization and planning skills.  This past year, while getting my own business off the ground, I felt overwhelmed, and at times like I wouldn’t be able to continue.  This upcoming year, I plan to keep everything written down, from meetings to deadlines, everything will be exceptionally more efficient.

I read (probably more than I should) about the pitfalls and negatives about owning and running your own business, but with the amount of support behind me, I am more motivated than ever to work with great, local companies, and get things going for them!  My motivation is the results I will see from my hard work, and how great it makes me feel to see happy clients.  No more negativity, no more telling myself “I can’t”. I can, and I will.

What is your motivation this year?  What is your resolution, and why is it so important that you stay on track with it?

Thank you to all of my awesome followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.  You’re all amazing and make this adventure well worth the struggles.

Happy New Year! Make it your best one yet!!