In June 2014, Dan Levy, the Small Business Director of Facebook, officially announced that there are 30 million small businesses with their active pages on Facebook. Goes to show that marketing is no longer just communicating and promoting a firm’s commodities and services door to door, in fact, businesses need to realize the importance of the use of social media in reaching out to their customers and clients. Effective indeed, however, is it worth the companies’ time and resources?

Regardless of being a necessity, it’s not always that absorbing content or an adequate budget is needed for this kind of job; you require a properly planned strategy to achieve your marketing goals through social media. The necessary part is to understand the amount of time and resources to be committed to this task. Here are a few tips to get your social outreach done for your small business within your busy schedule:

Devise a schedule:

You need to dedicate a specific and calculated amount of time to social media. Timely commitment is necessary. You need to boost activity and strengthen dialog with your targeted audience and customers within that particular time. Bind some time in your schedule enough to keep you responsible. You don’t necessarily have to just tweet multiple times a day on Twitter. Rather you can share some of your content regularly. In an overly tight schedule, if you can delay these matters to small extent, incorporating your email address or your cellphone to that page won’t leave you worrying about communicating with your customers.

Have focused goals:

Using social media as just another place for posting advertisements is not enough. Timely usage of Facebook and Twitter to respond to your consumers is an operative measure. Your goals include reaching your users in the most proficient manner and your goals will identify your focus. Levy also said “If you have a mobile phone and you have a Facebook Page, you have a mobile marketing strategy.” So choose the right media platforms and keep yourself consistent there within your formulated schedule. You can even manage your audience’s insights from your phone. Also focus on minimizing your workload this way.

Make Time for social media marketing

The “me” attitude:

It isn’t always very good idea to do it all by yourself, or you may not be able to accomplish it. Your time is money. Social media is a global village at your reach but you need to keep your goal focused. You need to keep track of the recent happenings, and you don’t need to delve into websites and news for that. Try using mobile applications that keep you on track. If you want to post content for your page and you can’t manage it out yourself, content writers and freelancers are definitely available to act as your curators, for a minimal fee.

Be yourself and pertinent:

“Want to win at social media marketing? Then don’t be a phony,” says Kim Garst, co-founder and CEO of Boom! Social, a social selling consultancy firm. Do not present yourself or your business as something too attractive to be inconsistent. Don’t forget the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple).  Keep your content highly relevant and try focusing on content that will try to grab the audience’s attention.

No doubt, the benefits of social media marketing include progressive brand reach, awareness, and better customer interaction. The key to management lies in using these online communities in an apt manner.