Here at Hut Marketing and Design, I had the privilege of attending a local event, the “I AM STYLE” Fashion Show.  This was such an opportunity for many small, local designers and performers alike.  Each brand showcased their work in the fashion show in such a unique way.  It was so amazing to see how great local businesses can work together to promote the well being of the community as a whole.  While it may have been quite disorganized and very stressful for most of the designers, it was still a fun event.

Hut Marketing and Design at the I Am Style Fashion Show

Promoting your business can happen in so many different ways, you just need to have a finger on the “pulse” of the industry, and follow along to what similar companies like yours are doing to self promote.

While this may seem like a “no shit sherlock” type of suggestion,  nothing says “professional” like a great set of business cards that reflect what you do.  Networking can be performed on so many levels, and the amount of effort you put into marketing yourself reflects your motivation and drive to succeed in your industry.  The perks that come with networking are phenomenal.  I recently found out how great of a tool this can be when I was approached at the fashion event with compliments on “how great of a job you do on your websites! I’ve heard four really great things about your work!”.  You just can’t beat a compliment like that from someone you have never met before.