When you are trying to create a public image for your small business, shareable content on social media is an essential component to reaching your target audience, promoting your business, creating small business growth, and spreading your message to potential customers and clients. Creating shareable content on your various social media outlets can have immeasurable benefits for your company.

Small business marketing can seem daunting, at first, because of the financial element of marketing – small businesses lack the financial resources and capital that many larger businesses, franchises, and corporations have at their disposal to put into marketing. However, that doesn’t mean that small business marketing is an impossible task, nor should one assume that marketing a small business needs to cost a lot of money. It can be advantageous and beneficial to use social media for small business marketing by creating sharable content.

Using social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, offers small businesses a free, widely used platform in which to promote the business among the public, encourage fan shares, and disseminate information about your business at no cost to you, the business owner.

An essential strategy for using social media for small business growth is creating shareable content: if your immediate “fans” or followers on social media share your content, you are then reaching a much larger audience – your followers see your content, their followers see your content through their “likes” and shares.

There are several strategies for small business owners to promote business growth through the use of social media by creating shareable content.
3 key ways to create sharable content

  1. Appeal to your audience to share those posts that promote your small business. Your posts must be visually appealing. A status update can convey information about your business, but a relevant photograph relating to your business or products is much more likely to be shared since social media is a highly visual medium.
  2. Video content marketing is another excellent strategy for creating shareable content. Posting an instructional or informative video about your business can be a little internet nugget of shareable content – again, social media is very visual, and cute, funny, or helpful videos garner attention in the internet world.
  3. Offer incentives for sharing. By offering a small discount for “liking” and sharing a post, you offer a reward to your loyal customers for acting as advertising agents. Another option is to offer a drawing, in which “liking” and sharing a post enters the social media user for a chance to win a product or service from your business. This can be an excellent strategy because not only does in offer an incentive to anyone who likes and shares your posts, it creates potential for a much wider dissemination of your message, since social media users tend to respond well to contests and drawings.

What other suggestions would you make for people looking to create shareable content? Anything you’ve used that has failed or soared? Let us know in the comments!

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