So it’s the New Year, and you’re a small business owner looking to make improvements in your business, and personal life. Sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between the two when business picks up and life gets hectic. That’s where the resolutions come in. We need to make time for us, as it’s the only way to keep a level head, and reduce stress. We all know there is enough of that to go around.

So take a minute, and enjoy our list we’ve compiled of top Small Business Owner’s New Year’s Resolutions for The New Year!

1. Focus on recurring revenue.

– Sometimes when you sell a “one-off” product or service it’s hard to come up with ways to gain some recurring revenue. Do some research on your industry competition and see what they’re doing to create recurring revenue. Try to replicate their initiatives in your own way, with your own products and services.

2. Keep learning.

– Industry leaders don’t just pop out of the woodwork; they learn, and grow. You should be doing this too in order to become one of the greats for your industry!

3. Be SEO- and data-savvy.

– Learning how to manage the SEO for your company can be one of the most beneficial things your can do for your business. Not only will you be a top hit in search engines, people will come to you more frequently for your products and services because you will stand out for them!

4. Get more help.

– You can’t do it all by yourself. As much as you would like to be the best of the best, and the one to do it all, you just can’t. You would drive yourself insane. Get people who are knowledgeable in their industry to help you out. Not too familiar with finances? – Hire an Accountant! Horrible at spreading the news? – Hire a marketing professional to do it for you. It is worth the peace of mind in the long run.

5. Give something back to your community.

– Do some pro-bono work, or donate some goods to a local non-profit in need of some help. Create a press release about your work, and share the happy news with your customers!

6. Take care of your health.

– This may go without saying – Your business NEEDS you. If you are not maintaining your health, it is deteriorating, and it won’t be long before you get sick! Take precautions during cold and flu season to keep yourself healthy, and visit the gym! There is not a single person who could not benefit from a solid workout session. (Obviously if you’re already sick, take it easy until you’re feeling better, then hit the gym once that cough is gone:) ) Our favorite resource for full body workouts and awesome healthy recipes is at Tone It Up! Workout in your own home!

7. Focus your marketing efforts.

– This may seem like a simple thing to accomplish, but it comes with a large sacrifice to your time.  Good marketing takes time, and a lot of it. You can automate all you want, but quality customer interactions are gold. Focus on interactions with your customers, and they will repay you with dollars and cents.

8. Check your financial statements regularly.

– This is crucial. Stay on top of your finances, and reap the benefits of being so organized that tax time will be a breeze! Rid your business of useless recurring payments. They can start to eat up your profits and before you know it, you’ll be losing more money than you expected!

9. Plan your day.

– Set a schedule for your day, and write it down. This will motivate you to stick to the plan, and check off everything on that never ending to-do list!

10. Send out your invoices.

– Come on people! Get those invoices paid, and checked off of your financial to-do list. Don’t slack on this- it’s YOUR money hanging in limbo!

Hut Marketing wishes you the happiest New Year, and a successful future! Questions? Please contact us anytime!

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