For any small business, it can be a challenge to stand out from the competition. One area where you can really draw people in and attract new customers is with your website. Building a great site that will boost your business and bring in traffic does take some time, planning, and ongoing effort. You may have a well-designed website, but if you aren’t utilizing the power of video, then you are missing out.

Here are 3 excellent reasons why you should be using video in your web design:


Videos bring traffic and boost SEO

You have a website set up, but now you need visitors. A site is worthless for your business if it isn’t bringing in any traffic, so you need to do as much as you can to get people there, keep them interested, and get them engaged. It’s often said that “content is king”, and there’s no doubt that you need fresh, smart content, but you don’t need to limit it to just the written word and static images. Videos are an excellent tool for highlighting the most important elements of your business and boosting your website’s SEO at the same time.

Search engines will pick up on videos that feature content relevant to what a web user is searching for. Make sure that you choose target keywords for each of your videos, and upload them on YouTube. Establish a presence for your business on YouTube early on, and you can add new videos over time to grow your audience.


Videos allow you to showcase your products, services, and knowledge

You can really show customers and potential customers that you know what you’re talking about with a video. If you offer a product or service that why bother with Videoprovides a solution, create a video that will clearly demonstrate it. Offer a mix of informative videos that answer questions web users may have, as well as promotional videos that will showcase your products. They can also be used to inform customers of upcoming specials and sales, as well as to offer incentives.


Videos help you to create a connection

A video is more a personalized and engaging way to interact with your audience. With a video, you have the ability to create a strong first impression. Since you don’t have to set a limit on how many videos you can use, it may be beneficial to create several. You could have one that gives visitors a more in-depth look at who your company is and what you’re all about. You could create a series to showcase products, services, or special events. The possibilities are numerous. Videos are an ideal medium for putting a face and a personality to your small business.

You simply cannot underestimate the power of video for your web design. A bland, boring site is not going to be memorable or attractive to visitors, but an engaging, informative site definitely will be. Video allows you to increase traffic, attract new customers, and showcase what makes your small business stand out from the competition.

Have you already started with video on your site? What kind of results have you seen from implementing video? Still wondering where to even begin? Whats stopping you? Let us know!