You’ve been on the fence for some time now, and you’ve finally decided to do a bit of research on why you should invest in a new website. Well, boy, have you come to the right place! I’ve compiled a list of reasons as to why you need a new website for your small business today.

It’s quite the process to undertake; updating a website, or investing in a new one. It can seem like a downhill battle getting all the info together, not to mention trying to find a designer/developer who can see your vision and put it to “paper” (i.e. a website) at a reasonable price. With all this to think about, its hard to stay focused on WHY you need a new website in the first place.

Your website is OLD

Old websites are not responsive. Non-responsive websites don’t show up in Google Mobile Searches. Mobile Searches account for more searches than desktop searches. You NEED to show up in mobile searches. It’s just how technology is progressing, and if your business can’t keep up with the demand, you’ll fall behind and your competitors will take your business. No one wants that!

You need an online “business card”

Or so to speak. Your website is the place your customers can go to, to find more information out about you, and what you have to offer. Imagine if you had a customer searching for your company name and you didn’t show up. That’s lost business. Now imagine if this happened 10 times over the course of a week. That’s lost profit. Don’t do that to yourself.

You need a way to better funnel in leads and sales.

An outdated website can be scaring away your potential customers. Flashing GIF’s and auto-play video/ audio is just too “2001” to be viable anymore. Not to mention annoying… Sorry, I said it, but it’s true.

Investing in a new website allows you to better focus your marketing efforts into something that’s going to give you some sort of return. Funneling leads into a contact form, or building your email marketing list are just a few ways you could focus your efforts. Solidifying the main objective you’d like to accomplish with your website can give you a HUGE reason to upgrade! (I’d also like to make a note that figuring out what need your website will fill for your business is something you need to take care of before you talk to a web designer. Read this post to learn more about what you need to prepare for your new website.)

Online point of contact 24/7

Having a website allows customers to easily contact you when they have a question, whenever that may be. Having your phone number, email, or a contact form on your website allows for super simple communication between you, and your customer, without being limited by businesses hours. (Usually; since an email/ voicemail can wait in your inbox for a couple hours till you open again the next day) You get what I mean here, right?

Show it all off

A website provides you a space, unadulterated by competitor ads and people swooping in to steal your thunder, to showcase what you’re capable of. Whether that is in the form of a portfolio, or a sample of goods you sell – its your space. So knock it out of the park with an awesome website.

Customer Service

Being present online provides you an air of availability that you couldn’t get if you weren’t online. Offering live chat could be a great solution for your small business if you have customer service agents capable of handling the task. Even if you don’t, simply having an FAQ section to answer common questions can alleviate many customer pains.

Professional Email Addresses for You and Your Team is quite a lot better than The professionalism associated with having an email with your domain in it can’t be matched with a yahoo, gmail, or hotmail account. It’s super easy to set up an “” email in Gmail! Just modify a couple settings on your server, and you’re gold! Specific directions to make those changes can usually be found in your host’s support forums or FAQ’s! A quick Google search can yield step by step instructions to get you set up with your very own professional email. You’re welcome!

Your Domain is Your Domain

This could be my favorite of all of the reasons as to why you need a new website. Your website is your space to do with it as you please. Curse like a sailor, sell devotionals, or whatever tickles your fancy, your website is your space to do what you please. If you’re a business, trying to appeal to the general public, I generally advise against “swears”, but hey, you do you, boo.

That’s really all I have for now, guys. I’m sure there are a million more reasons WHY you need a website, so if you can think of anything I missed, give me a shout in the comments!

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